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Due to the constant change in the weather here I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of my time at home. I love spending time in the comfort in my own home. Nothing brings me greater joy than spending time with my family and friends in my house. I love having people over just to hangout and watch some reality TV a la the Kardashians. As you guys know I am kind of obsessed with them (you can read about them here). As I am writing this post Em & I are watching a marathon of reruns on E!

Throughout the 11 something snow days I have gotten involved in the wonderful world of eBay and selling all of my stuff that I have no longer any sentimental attachment to. I am selling a whole spectrum of sorts. I have everything from clothes that I have worn once to journals, build a bears, and coach purses. Anything you could ever want I am pretty confident that you can find it on my eBay. Go check it out here! I am sure you should snatch some of my great deals up!

Since I haven't mentioned anything about the holidays I have decided to add some of the great memories that Emma has captured with her brand new camera that she got for Christmas from our wonderful grandparents.
Emma & I Christmas eve in our surprise PJs in front of the Christmas tree watching and waiting for Santa to come down the chimney!!
Emma's cute toesies in front of our fireplace!
Three of the four stockings that are needlepoint and a very important tradition in the Sayre family!
Christmas morning with my long awaited Candle warmer! Thanks Mom and Dad
My Nana when we surprised her with an iPad! We love our Nana!
Dad opening his infrared running gear
Emma woke up in the middle of the night and placed all these perfectly cut snow flakes around the door frame! Too cute!
Momma's Broncos tervis! Surprise!

All of these pictures were taken by Emma! Shes an amazing photographer! Even though she's 12 and she's just starting out!

Here's some of the awesome pictures that she's taken so far!

Beautiful snow beauties!!!

All and all I am very thankful for everything life is offering me right now. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

Love Always,

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