keeping up with the kardashians in real life

So this post might be a slight be funny and a slight bit mean but I'm going to go for it!

Today in class- a girl I didn't even know told me I chewed like a cow...um who are you? and I'm just sitting there like

but I got over it and then I was like

So I have another new addiction...no matter where I go, when I get back into the car I'm just like

I hate thinking about who else is has touched where I have touched with God knows what on their hands.

Also here is a collection of possible scenarios and my reaction

When there is annoying person in class:

When someone keeps going on and on about something I could honestly not care about:

When I see people making out in the hallways:

When a teacher gives you a bunch of homework to do over the weekend:

When I'm with my friends:

When I'm at a social event:

When someone I don't like is near me:

So basically life can be summed up in a arrangement of Kardashian gifs!

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