happy friday

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#backthatazzup Friday!
Let Me Blow Your Mind- Eve & Gwen!
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why i blog [link up]

Why did I start blogging?
Well..I started blogging for me. for something to do. but blogging has turned into such a greater thing in my life. i got the opportunity to see in people i would i have never met lives and see how they live. its very rewarding laughing/reading what they are posting. its crazy to see how many of us ladies are extremely relateable. i hope that this will be something that i continue to do for many years to come.
Why do I keep doing it?
why wouldnt i? its amazing. its a sense of relaxation to my hectic life. even if you dont get joy reading my posts, i get joy from reading others. thats why i will continue to do so. 


back it up friday

I wore yoga pants
If you don't know what this is you should definitely get clued in!
Go to Whitney's blog- I Wore Yoga Pants to Work!

To start off your weekend right here is a throwback that we can all enjoy!


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my esty shopping cart wish list:


Monogrammed Quarter Zip Sweatshirt
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Large Vinyl Monogram Personalized Vine Decal
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keeping up with the kardashians in real life

So this post might be a slight be funny and a slight bit mean but I'm going to go for it!

Today in class- a girl I didn't even know told me I chewed like a cow...um who are you? and I'm just sitting there like

but I got over it and then I was like

So I have another new addiction...no matter where I go, when I get back into the car I'm just like

I hate thinking about who else is has touched where I have touched with God knows what on their hands.

Also here is a collection of possible scenarios and my reaction

When there is annoying person in class:

When someone keeps going on and on about something I could honestly not care about:

When I see people making out in the hallways:

When a teacher gives you a bunch of homework to do over the weekend:

When I'm with my friends:

When I'm at a social event:

When someone I don't like is near me:

So basically life can be summed up in a arrangement of Kardashian gifs!


the biggest thank-you!!!!


I cannot believe that I have reached over 1000 page views in such a little time!!

Some of you might think that this is silly but this is a big milestone for me!!

Thanks so much you guys!!!



This past Monday I had the opportunity to go to the Monday practice round of the Masters with my mother and grandfather!
outfit for the day

Bubba Watson

Ricky Fowler

Bubba Watson

Beautiful Augusta

Me and Momma

Bubba and his caddy


thought this picture was kind of cool of Ricky putting

My grandfather and myself

Augusta National

blurry but grandpas hat

some silly little turtles
I would show you some other golfers but my mothers camera failed to work throughout the day.

Hope you have a great day!


peter cotton-tail

Happy Monday lovelies!
I may or may not be sitting on the couch snacking on all my Easter basket goodies that good ole Peter Cotton-tail brought me!

[these go down very nicely]

Dont those look delicious? They sure are.
So on another note I have been on some what of a health kick- but this break isnt helping me at all! But despite this I have cut down on the amount of processed/ fast food/ unhealthy foods the majority of the time. Its a lot easier than you think it is once you get started! Ive started to do the major grocery shopping in my house to make sure I get everything I need. Ive also stopped drinking soda, but to keep up with my carbonated habit- my love addiction for Sparkling Ice hasnt decreased in the slightest. If you havent had some, you must. and while youre at it buy yourself some white pimento cheese. Sounds kind of risky- but all worth it.
In cat lady fashion Ive also taken up knitting & sewing again...I swear theres an old lady trapped in my body thats trying to get out...
^-Here are some pictures to describe me- ^
Hope these brightened up your day just as much they did mine!
Happy Monday friends!