loving with insecurities

I have been tossing the idea around my head all day today on whether or not I was going to follow through and actually write a post on insecurities; mainly because it's a tricky topic to cover. Everyone has at least one thing- if not multiple things- they are insecure about. You may or may not be able to tell this by knowing and/or conversing with this person- but I can guarantee that one is there.

Once you learn that you cannot hide from your insecurities. If you are insecure about something- good!!!!! That is what is making you human. You just have to own and embrace those. Anyone who uses these insecurities against you is NOT worth your time. One of my friends posted something on instagram last night about an 8 year old girl telling her she was not pretty because "you cannot see your collar bones". I don't know what she thinks is pretty but being able to see your collar bones does not define it. None of your physical characteristics can determine if you are pretty or not. Again with the cliches- but the truth. I could go on a big rant about how today's society is teaching the wrong values but I digress.

If you are constantly living by these made up standards of what you have to do or what you have to look like then you are just running yourself to death. Hundreds of girls see pictures of celebrities everyday and wish to look like them. I was obsessed with Britney Spears when I was younger. I wished I could be pretty like her. Today you see the thigh gap craze. Girls starve themselves to lose inches of the circumference of their thighs just so their legs won't touch!! How crazy? Thigh gaps are something you are born into. You cannot control that! These standards of "beautiful" are ridiculous and unrealistic to say the least. No matter if you are tall short 100 or 300 pounds- you are BEAUTIFUL and you have worth!! Tell yourself everyday this until one day you will wake up and realize that you have one life and you don't want to spend time hating yourself. Love who you are. Don't let anything hold you back.

There are so many fantastic people out there that will accept you for you. If you struggle with body image; find someone who is going to lift you higher- not bring you down. If you struggle with dealing with your feelings and your thoughts- there are so many people wanting to listen to what you have to say! You just have to take that first leap of faith into something. Insecurities are not just going to disappear- and you can't think that they will and then you will be perfect. You have to love yourself despite your insecurities. You have to love others despite their insecurities. Don't change for anyone. Love yourself.


complete revamp.

It's been a while since I have done this whole blogging thing and I can honestly say that I have missed it. It was such a great way to let out whatever I had inside of me out and translate my emotions into words.

After months of being absent from the blog I thought that it would best for me to delete it...which I did. But, if you are reading this you know that I am back and I am better than ever.

A lot has changed since I have written, but I don't have the time or the effort to put all of it down and document it. It would just be a long, boring monotone piece that no one would even dare to read past the second paragraph. Something like you would read in school.

I have been encouraged by friends to not delete the blog and to continue you forward with what I was working with. When I first started blogging a year ago, criticism was not hard to find. I mean, think about it. Who would want to read my blog? Life for me is just so uninteresting. I was discouraged and just gave up. My intentions with blogging the first time around was not the quality of the post or anything along those lines, but the amount of readers and people who knew that I was now a self proclaimed "blogger". Looking back I now question myself why I was so concerned with who was reading or how many followers that I had attained. I really do love to write. I am not always the best at it but its something that no one can take away from me. So why didn't I just write? It was simple.

It may not sound like a big deal, but the premise of what happened isn't just about blogging. People, myself included, spend so much time out of each and everyday thinking about what are people are thinking of them or what they are doing or what their reactions are going to be, instead truly focusing on doing things that make them happy. If you are consistently holding yourself back from doing things that you love, then when you sit and are trying to figure out why you aren't happy, you should realize that it could be the people you are surrounding yourself with. Why continue to do things that aren't going to build yourself up? Don't become consumed with the world around you is basically what I am getting at. BE YOU. I know that is beyond cliche but its the truth. You are put on this Earth for such a limited amount of time. Why would you want to waste it doing anything but what you love and what makes you happy?

Happiness is not found in other peoples opinions of you.


summer thus far

For the past two months I have been completely MIA...
But who is keeping track anyways? Life just gets so busy & you have other priorities blogging has to be put second. I have missed reading daily posts from all of my favorite bloggers.

I have collected a brief summary of what I have been up to could be found on my instagram:


hope everything has been well for all my friends

much love


no more monkeys jumping on the bed

At this point in my life I have fully convinced myself that I dont have an immune system. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous but c'mon...all the signs are pointing to yes.

We've discussed way back a long time ago about how I have psoriasis...if you want you can catch up here. But I recently got blood work done because I just hadn't been feeling like myself. Something no one wants to deal with. Sickness on sickness on sickness. Yay........
Sorry if this grosses you out...but my sisters comment makes this enjoyable.

So, this happens and then Im told you have to wait till tomorrow to figure out whats wrong with you....next day comes and the doctor says "No more monkeys jumping on the bed"...no he really just said you have walking pneumonia...and Im all like what the heck does this even mean...

Of course I did what any normal human would do... I webMd'd [yes this is a verb] it.

Inhaled food? Like what? okay....
I keep reading and reading and I get to this...
Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, and of course my ear hurts and I have a rash on the same places I have some lingering psoriasis.

Typical me....Sometimes I feel like I have so many health issues going on so I just sleep...and thats usually what I do!

What do you have going on?

xoxo, Alex


Confessional Friday [link up]

I am joining Leslie over on A Blonde Ambition for a Confessional Friday Link-Up. She does this every Friday and basically it gives bloggers a chance to connect with each other by confessing five things that have happened throughout the week. It can be funny, sad, interesting, etc. 
Here goes:

Five things I Confess:
1. I confess that may or may not have really enjoyed myself and spending time with my dog at Bark in the Park it was alot more interesting than I thought it would be! Make sure you read up on that!

2. I confess that I really enjoyed driving the explorer last night. I drive a little car and big cars usually make me have an anxiety attack and want to throw up but for some reason last night was actually kind of relaxing. 

3. I confess that sometimes it does bother me that none of my close friends don't read my blog but in the end I always tell myself that they are not the reason I began blogging in the first place. Blogging is amazing because you get to make it up as you go along. That's what's so amazing. You don't have to write for anyone but yourself. But there's always that little bit that every blogger feels that it feels good to know people are enjoying what I am writing. 

4. I confess that I am so ready for summer to be here. I cannot stand it any longer. I sit day by day counting them down till freedom! There's nothing I enjoy more than summer. I can go to the lake and the pool and where ever I want. 

5. I confess that everyone on blogger is so adorable. Everyone has the cutest clothes and blogs and lives and OMG I just love it. There's nothing better than creeping on all these blogs. So if I follow you. I'm sorry. I know Im annoying and I just want to comment on everything. And you all inspire me so much. I love figuring out who's who and who's friends with who. It's so amazing. 

Hope you're having a great day!! 

back bbbbackkk dat up

Happy Friday everyone!!

I'm so ready to get my weekend started & I have a feeling that you are too!!

Smack That by Akon

Have a great day!! 


Bark in the park

Tonight my Pop, sister and decided that we were going to take our 7 year overweight chocolate labrador to "Bark in the Park" night at the local minor league baseball field. Here's what I managed to capture of the night...
[baby reese]

[reese learning to take selfies]

[reese says this front camera has horrible quality]

[reese says 'do you think I could snag a bit of that hamburger?']
[or maybe she will just go for the chicken strips and fries] and she did...

[selfies again...]

[their reactions to her stealing a chicken strip]

The highlight of our night would have to be the undercover cop busting a almost "21" year old for drinking. The young man presented his only form of identification being a library card....really.....that's the best you got? The cop of course made him step aside and throw away his beer. "Lucky" for him it was thirsty Thursday at the park so he had gotten all previous beers for $1. Sucks bro. But the law is the law. What company is it that says "please drink responsibly"?

Anyways...I am beyond ready for Friday to get here...I think it's going to soon for me because this NyQuil cold and allergy medicine is kicking in...

Goodnight lovelies,




Did I ever tell you about that one time I met an Olympian?

Have I ever mentioned to you about the one time that I got to meet an Olympian? Oh wait I haven't...because that's not something that comes up in normal everyday conversation.

Now let me tell you...I wasn't planning on meeting her...it just kind of happened.

I used to swim for a club team and so it was just a typical practice day...I was searching for my equipment- for those who don't know what that means...that's your fins, pull buey, paddles...- but I couldn't find mine...comes to my attention that someone had already brought them out on the deck and was using them. No big deal now I just have kill ask them to kindly hand them back over.

Long story short I got my equipment back pretty quickly because my coach had noticed it missing and helped me out with the thief. I didn't expect the thief to be Olympian Elaine Breeden.

I mean...what? Why is there an Olympian at our practice? I mean I'm not even that good?

Who cares...all I know is that she was one of the nicest people I had ever met and was so muscular and tall. No wonder she can swim that 200 fly like nobodies business. (It's not as easy as it looks)

There she is in the all black swim suit! Not something that happens everyday that's for sure?


Have you ever had an experience like this?






There's a lot I miss about this picture.
  1. My tan: there's nothing I love more than tan skin. I think everyone looks better with a tan.
  2. The lake: boating on the lake is one of my favorite things to do. I wish I could just live on the lake. There's nothing like a weekend on the water to make you appreciate everything God has blessed you with.
  3. My beach blonde hair: my hair is still blonde but it isn't this blonde throughout like it used to be. It's a lot of maintenance and damage and my hair just couldn't take it anymore. It got to the point that it wouldn't even grow.
  4. My skinny body: I've kind if let myself go but not as badly as it could be. Since I stopped swimming 4-6 days a week for the first time in 6 years my body has been going through a lot of changes. Maybe I'll work harder in the gym if this is my motivation.
I hope my dear friend Connor who is pictured in this picture won't mind me putting this up. She's so beautiful and I'm so glad to have her in my life!!


It's in the air

Summer is in the air and I can taste it....

I just want to capture it and never let it go! Summer may happen to be my favorite season of all. One of my favorite things about summer is the clothes or lack there of that I get to sport around.

I can wear my flip flops all the time. I now have excuses for neon toenail polish that I love ohsomuch. Shorts tank tops. The whole nine yards! The only con that I can think of is having to keep your legs shaved at all times...I slack on that a little too much...

Another plus about summer is all the bright colors, not just florals, that every store has going on!! I have a hard time finding a right clutch or bag to carry around just the bare necessities from pool to house to pool. But of course- on my champagne taste and lack of money I'm left just dreaming of one of these.

Aren't they to die for...you can find them here


Thanks to one of my fave people Jen... I'm totally addicted. But of course I cannot be..

Are you ready for summer!?!?

Xoxo, Alex




dog park, demolition, & dance moms

The title sums it up in a nut shell for all you lovelies!

DANCEMOMS on Lifetime:

I may or may not be live blogging the season finale of Dance Moms! If you haven't watched it...I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's absolutely trash tv at its finest but like my other reality shows I cannot stay away!! Anybody else out there like me? Totally email me your reviews! I've been a lot better about my emailing. It's such a tool that I never thought that I would ever use.


While I was at the Masters, which you can read about here, my father and sister who stayed behind decided that the thing they should do is take down are crumbling brick mailbox. They did not completely take down the entire mailbox so tonight- despite the fact that I've been sick- wanted to take down the rest. So with the help of my neighbor I have almost finished it but I had to stop loading bricks in the back of the explorer because of the rain. Boooooo.

I wish I had pictures to document all of it for you guys. Double boooooo.


Our baby Reese visited the vet this past weekend and they determined that she is 20 lbs overweight- weighing in at a whopping 95 lbs. She's a chocolate lab so she's already a big dog. And her being purebred has something to do with it too. We drove 5 hours 7 years ago to get her but that's a different story...

So with this information, I took it into my hands to take her the dog park that is 2 minutes away from my house to make her get some exercise since for some reason she won't retrieve a dang tennis ball in our own backyard. Maybe she just likes an audience. Of course I was freaking out the whole time we were there. What if she runs away. What if she gets in a fight with another dog. Stuff along those lines... She was a perfect little puppy the whole time we were there until she got tired. We would throw the ball and then she would just sit there almost like she was about to have an asthma attack or something.

I really hope she doesn't act this way when we travel to the minor league baseball field with her for doggie night. I thought this would be great opportunity for her!! We will see how it goes. It's obvious I'm a cat lady at heart but I do love this dog. I wish she had a friend to play with but no...

So...what did you do tonight? I would love to have a conversation with you.


bloggers rut

im kind of in a bloggers rut, you could say...


i sit here trying to think of the best possible thing to blog about but i end up coming up with these super cheesy things that in reality no one would even want to read about..

i mean i dont even want to read them once i post them. its kind of embarrassing to be honest.

i read all these people i follow's posts and im like wow....these are really amazing mine seem like such crap compared to these. maybe its because i havent been doing it as long as they have...or i dont make the time for it like they do...maybe its just because im not a newlywed mommie with the cutest baby ever that lives in such an extravagant place and has unlimited funds to wear only the cutest clothes ever. maybe i just lead a really boring life. its not boring while im living it, i actually have a lot of fun being me, but i feel as if no one will think of it the way i do.


i do completely normal things but i always feel as if i have 1000 billion things going on..


if any of my fellow bloggers have been thru this....please share come wisdom with me







It was such a beautiful Saturday to be having the Derby!! I sipped a non alcoholic Mint Julep by a neighbors pool!! It was amazing.

I got to meet a lot of people and especially mommies who need a babysitter...ahmmm...MUAH! I would love to babysit your children!! I've always loved working with kids. I aspire to become a teacher someday!

What did you do for Derby?!




happy friday

I linked up with Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for this one!!
#backthatazzup Friday!
Let Me Blow Your Mind- Eve & Gwen!
Have a great weekend! xoxo

why i blog [link up]

Why did I start blogging?
Well..I started blogging for me. for something to do. but blogging has turned into such a greater thing in my life. i got the opportunity to see in people i would i have never met lives and see how they live. its very rewarding laughing/reading what they are posting. its crazy to see how many of us ladies are extremely relateable. i hope that this will be something that i continue to do for many years to come.
Why do I keep doing it?
why wouldnt i? its amazing. its a sense of relaxation to my hectic life. even if you dont get joy reading my posts, i get joy from reading others. thats why i will continue to do so. 


back it up friday

I wore yoga pants
If you don't know what this is you should definitely get clued in!
Go to Whitney's blog- I Wore Yoga Pants to Work!

To start off your weekend right here is a throwback that we can all enjoy!


Enjoy! Have a great Friday friends!!


my esty shopping cart wish list:


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keeping up with the kardashians in real life

So this post might be a slight be funny and a slight bit mean but I'm going to go for it!

Today in class- a girl I didn't even know told me I chewed like a cow...um who are you? and I'm just sitting there like

but I got over it and then I was like

So I have another new addiction...no matter where I go, when I get back into the car I'm just like

I hate thinking about who else is has touched where I have touched with God knows what on their hands.

Also here is a collection of possible scenarios and my reaction

When there is annoying person in class:

When someone keeps going on and on about something I could honestly not care about:

When I see people making out in the hallways:

When a teacher gives you a bunch of homework to do over the weekend:

When I'm with my friends:

When I'm at a social event:

When someone I don't like is near me:

So basically life can be summed up in a arrangement of Kardashian gifs!


the biggest thank-you!!!!


I cannot believe that I have reached over 1000 page views in such a little time!!

Some of you might think that this is silly but this is a big milestone for me!!

Thanks so much you guys!!!



This past Monday I had the opportunity to go to the Monday practice round of the Masters with my mother and grandfather!
outfit for the day

Bubba Watson

Ricky Fowler

Bubba Watson

Beautiful Augusta

Me and Momma

Bubba and his caddy


thought this picture was kind of cool of Ricky putting

My grandfather and myself

Augusta National

blurry but grandpas hat

some silly little turtles
I would show you some other golfers but my mothers camera failed to work throughout the day.

Hope you have a great day!