breaking news

I decided that since I have a break in my day I should update you!

Guess who's returning to TV? You'll never guess this one. You might have seen her on some recent windows phone commercials... Give up? Hilary Duff. That's right. The Disney channel star is coming back. She will be on Fox's Raising Hope.

You might be just as shocked as I was when I heard that my beloved Jennifer Lawrence died her hair black. And I'm talking JET BLACK.

Poor little JLaw and her fall at the Oscars...now this. I like her better blonde to be honest.

Also...you'll never believe who used to think that marriage was required before you have kids.


Yup. The star herself recently admitted to Cosmo that she was upset when Kourtney had gotten pregnant with Mason.

That was sure surprising for me to hear.

Now for the best & the worst dressed at the Oscars!

I nominee: my favorite Jennifer Lawrence for BEST


I nominee: Kristen Stewart for the worst.
She's lifeless just like that dress was on her. I did considered in the fact that it took major guys to wear something like that while being on crutches...

Another bomb that happened over the weekend was Janet Jackson getting married. Whaaaat...

Happy Birthday to Jessica Biel! I'm so happy that her and Justin tied the knot...

Seems like it was yesterday when she was on 7th Heaven...


What have you been up to?

What's new in your life?

Leave responses please :)


casting my vote

Its that time of year again...you know what Im talking about...
My Ballot:
Best Picture: Les Mis
Actor Leading: Bradley Cooper
Actress Leading: Jennifer Lawrence
Actor Supporting: Tommy Lee Jones
Actress Supporting: Anne Hathaway
Animated Feature: Brave
Cinematography: Skyfall
Costume Design: Les Mis
Directing: Lincoln
Documentary Feature: The Invisible War
Documentary Short: Open Heart
Film Editing: Zero Dark Thirty
Foreign Language Film: Amour
Make-up & Hairstyling: The Hobbit
Music Original Score: Skyfall
Music Original Song: Skyfall
Production Design: Les Mis
Short Film Animated: Head over Heels
Short Film Live Action: Curfew
Sound Editing: Skyfall
Sound Mixing: Skyfall
Visual Effects: The Hobbit
Writing Adapted Screenplay: Silver Linings Playbook
Writing Original Screenplay: Zero Dark Thirty
I cannot wait to see what everyone is going to wear!! Yay!!
 What are you going to be wearing?
Whats your ballot like?
Leave your responses!
Dont forget to check for a post this week on the best & the worst dressed...
Happy Sunday Friends
Xoxo God Bless,


do the taco shake

Thursday the girls and I traveled to try a new place to eat! And boy was it good! I loved my fajita quesadilla! (I was a little pricey for what it is...just saying) But overall I really loved it! And so did everyone else...
[Bailey enjoying Emmies headband]

[Emmie had enough of her slipper shoes]

[All the girlies]

[super sad the carbonation was out of the soda machine]

[Emmie just eating some Sophie]

[Sophie enjoying herself some salsa]
So that was last night! You should have been there!
But Wednesday was crazy night for young life...If you dont know what the Harlem Shake is then you probably wont understand this next video...its our young life doing the harlem shake... Im on the right in the cape and hat...lol.
See it here
Im going to see Safe Haven with Kendrick tonight! Yay yay! Review to come later!
Have a great night!
Xoxo God Bless,


scripture 1

Good Afternoon!
Congrats on making it this far in your day!
If you feel like me then you probably looks something like this...
[I am ready for a nap]
 Okay so maybe Im not a cat...but a girl can dream cant she?
Sometimes we all struggle with making it through the day without realizing how much time is passing us by. Sometimes I feel guilty because I cant seem to get the most important things done in each day that I want to. Something I love to do is read God's word, aka the Bible.
Of course I don't know what religion you belong to or claim to belong to...or if you grew up Jewish and now you are Christian or what...but I do know that the Bible has a lot of good stories and wisdom that sometimes I find it hard to seek. With the help of some good friends lately I have been able to dive deeper into it then I ever have before. Its amazing how much it can relate to our daily lives. Even if you dont believe in God or dont agree with some of what the Bible says I still encourage you to not
a) stop reading this post
b) stop researching and learning about God
c) not reach out to find someone who is more than willing to talk to you about it
This verses arent in the chronological order of the books in the Bible just for reference. I am not going to post the verse in its entirety- I am just going to post the book the chapter and the verse number and the main idea of what it is about. The reading part is something you have to decide to do on your own!
2 Corinthians 5: 21 -- Sin
1 Samuel 16:7 -- Body image/ Self worth
1 Peter 3:3-4 -- Body image/ Self worth
Jeremiah 29:13 -- Seeking the Lord
Romans 5:8 -- Sinning
All of Proverbs is fantastic but Ive been recently reading books 1-10
That's all the verses I am going to post for this week! I hope you take the time out of your day to read these! They are fantastic!
More about what Bible I read:
I read the New International Version on both my phone and in hardback!
If you have a smartphone you should download the YouVersion Bible! Its amazing! You can highlight, bookmark, and write notes! It also features the verse of the day! There are many different plans (devotionals) that you can do to help you understand what you are reading or something that you are struggling with. I 100% think you will love it!
If you have any questions on anything I have written in this post (or any other post) please comment or contact me via email; ansayre1025@gmail.com!
Have a great rest of your afternoon!

Xoxo, God Bless

for the love of babies part tres.

How was your night?
How did you sleep?
What did you watch on TV last night?
What was the last thing you said/thought before falling asleep?
How many hours of sleep did you get?
Even if you dont follow me or arent subscribed I will still take your responses. You can leave them anonymously if you want.
I want to address something before I finish talking about my weekend and babies...
If you read my blog, it would be greatly appreciated if you would either subscribe by email or follow it. I am newer on blogger than most and I would love for tons of people to enjoy reading what I have to say. If you have any blogs that you already follower that you recommend that I read, feel free to leave me a comment. Also, if you ever have any sort of questions on something Ive written about or just have any questions in general dont be afraid to comment/ email them to me. (ansayre1025@gmail.com)
I will respond to every email and every comment!
I am doing a blogs I love post soon and Im currently working on an accessibility feature so you can view them from my blog!
Oookay! Now that's settled lets get back to the babies!
As you may or may not know from previous posts I recently got to spend time with my 7 week old cousins! Gabriella & Garrett.
So I really dont have much more to say, I rather show you the gist of what went down.
[family bonding time after changing BOTH of their diapers]
[look how small Garretts little hands are]

[silly elephant how did you get in Gabby's swing?]


[I am a lung (lung life leader for those who know about this)]

[sign outside of the vet next to the mexican place we ate at]

Arent they just adorable!
Of course I had to take a picture with my new edition...his name is Sampson...Mr. Bear...whatever you like.
[I wasnt ready to leave]
I got the twins one pink and one purple stuffed monkeys but I totally forgot to take a picture of them with them. It was amazing how such a small stuffed animal was the same size they are. Babies are so fascinating.
Thats the end of it...for now.
Xoxo God Bless,
Baby obsessed


week so far...and changes

What did you do last weekend?
You can find that here! And in tomorrows post!
What did you do on your day off?
You can find that here!
Thank goodness Monday has come and gone...and so has Tuesday!
Yesterday I got my hair done! YAY! Ive changed it up a little. I am still considered a blonde but its a tad darker!

Hopefully it wont turn red like it did last time I tried something different!

Leave your response on how you think my hair looks in my comment box! I want to know everyones opinions! Also

What are your favorite hair products?
How often do you use heat on your hair?
Curly or straight?
What type of shamp/condition do you use?
I will make a post regarding all of your answers to these questions so leave them in the comments box or email them to me at ansayre1025@gmail.com!

Thats the only change really...hopefully the amount of readers of my blog will change as well!

Hope you have a great rest of the evening!

Xoxo God Bless,


[Isn't that the truth]

We all know that girls love Target. Always have. Always will. I cannot stand to set foot in The WalMart. I hate hate hate that place. It just gets under my skin. They may have some pretty good deals but I wont go there unless I have to. The last time I was there was 11 o'clock pm a couple months ago and I was looking for an iPhone 5 charger...of course they didnt have any. But anyways, Im addicted to Target and I have been for a long time.

Recently the Target that I go to is under going some renovations. They are finally adding fresh produce section. Maybe one day we will finally get a pharmacy. So...because of this there has been many great deals that have been going on. I mean really great!! Not just all the Valentine's Day candy 50% off. I got Sally Hansen nail strips or stickers, or whatever you want to call them for only $3.50. Now that still may sound like a lot to you but to someone who doesnt want to pay $20 for a manicure or even $7 for the strips/stickers...it was an awe moment. You can buy them from Target here and they are picked below. They come in many different patterns and they have even added french manicure looks as well as the gel strips.

[aren't those just beautiful]

Another fabulous thing I love is YOGA! or Yoda as Madea calls it...I love yoga for so many reasons. Its relaxing, it helps me sleep better and stay asleep better, and it also is fun and a great workout! You may or may not know that yoga has props. Now what in the world would you need props for? Isn't it just sitting and closing your eyes and saying 'ommmmm'. No silly, its way more than that. So I was in the market for a yoga mat but they are so expensive...well not really I just didnt want to pay $20 for a mat. And then you have to buy all the props...no bueno. So picture this...Im just cruising through Target, making my rounds...when all of a sudden...POP. I find this
[mat...strap...&...block! also a dvd with 2 led workouts]

At first I was like...no way this can't be just $30!! Oh but it was. Best $30 I have ever spent...okay maybe not the best...but pretty close to it. You can imagine my excitement.

Until next time fellow Target lovers
Xoxo God bless,


for the love of babies part II.

Well...I just couldnt seem to find the time yesterday to post what I wanted to say about my weekend.

After going to the doctor and getting two shots, one in each leg... I made a really bad decision. I went to the gym... Now I bet youre asking...who goes to the gym after getting shots? This girl apparently does. I asked my doctor and his nurses if I would be okay to go and they reassured me that I would be. I def wanted to go to the gym after according to my height, weight, and age I have found myself at the top of the chart & borderline overweight. I was stunned...oh well. Im working on letting that go...but really what girl wants to hear that kind of news?

Later in the evening I went to McAllisters with my girlies!! Yum Yum. Then of course we had to stop by graeters!! If you have never had it you are missing out! Then Kendrick picked me up and we spent our night watching the Kardashians. I know, yuck. I just cant seem to get away from them.

I also did a lot of good scripture reading last night and I would love to share those verses with you!

Anyways... Im super excited to get my hair/eyebrows done tonight! It is much needed! Pictures to come.

xoxo, God Bless


For the love of babies pt. 1

If you love babies just as much as I do and you want to hear more about my weekend shenanigans with them stayed tuned for a weekend run down of all things babies! I will be back soon to tell all about it.

Got to run now...off to the doctor to get some yearly shots..fun...not..

Xoxo, God bless


valentines and babies

Its 1:14 in the morning and of course I cannot sleep because I am in Indiana visiting my lovely Aunts & my 6 week old cousins!

[double trouble finally asleep]

[Garrett says, "what chu looking at?"]

[little monkey snoozing]

[sweet Gabriella]

["I thought I said no more pictures Alex.."]
I absolutely love babies!! My new cousins are the sweetest. Ive gotten the opportunity to feed, cuddle, and even change some dirty diapers. Much worth the 4-5 hour drive today!

[road trip fun with sissy and my trusty pillow pet]

Emma was a little too much wrapped up in her iPad games! Oh well...we survived and got her safely!!

Yesterday I got to spend time with my valentine :) yay! we had so much fun!!
[mirror picture at its finest]
Aren't we so adorable? I'm boasting just a little bit! And I may or may not have eaten all the chocolates gave me..okay...I totally have.

Since I haven't blogged since Sunday about the Grammys...

Monday: I worked out with Mom & Emma!! And then ate some sushi and went to bed early! I was quite tired!
Tuesday: Went to Jens after school with Bailey do catch up on our weekly bible study to John 4&5! I recommend that you read it! Then I made my first ever trip to Anthropologie and then went to Target to get Kendrick some Valentines day goodies! Then Kendrick and I went to watch Lafayette kill HC at home! Then we came home to check on Nerlens Noel...poor ACL. Hopefully he wont go on the the NBA and he'll come back for another season. And I made Kendrick watch Pretty Little Liars again! I still don't think he is going to get in to it...I don't blame him. Its so confusing and Ive seen every single episode.
Wednesday: I made cookies and brought lemonade for Love Club!!!! YAY YOUNGLIFE!! Such great fun with some great friends!!
Thursday: We already covered this above :) Happy Valentines Day!
Friday: Eye doctor so I'm finally not blind anymore! Thank you Simpson optical!! Then later we were ready for road trip fun! We hit some snow/sleet on our way here but nothing too too bad! Only 2 stops on the way made for a smooth trip as well! I cant wait to see what the rest of the weekend has in store for me!
God Bless, Xoxo! Goodnight lovelies :)



If you didn't watch the Grammy awards you missed out big time! With the return of my favorite and yours.....

Justin Timberlake
He will deserved that much space on this post. Him and Jay-Z killed it. Also, everyone looked absolutely amazing! Pink Lou Lou's girl Carrie Underwood especially! And her long lost cousin, Miranda Lambert! I love Miranda a lot for how amazing she seems and how outspoken she is! Blake Shelton is one lucky guy! I love how Miranda embraces her size and doesn't try to form her self to society. I read somewhere that she said something along the lines of "I'm my happiest when I'm at home in my size 8 jeans". AMEN GIRL! She is such an inspiration. I hate to see little girls growing up with distorted ideas of how they should look! I'm so glad they have someone like Demi Lovato to look up to! She is a true inspiration to me.
I cant make up my mind on whether or not I like Fun....they have some awesome music but I wasn't really impressed with their acceptance speech. I didn't like how that one band member did the random shout out to Jay-Z and Taylor. Weird. Also, when they were performing and they had the water, or rain, as I'm calling it. It reminded me of Taylor Swift. She did that uh... like 3 years ago? I just thought it wasn't very original but maybe I'm being really critical.
On another critical note... I think Hardee's commercials are becoming even more disgusting. I can hardly watch them without cringing. Its so gross. I think the majority of women can agree that, yes the women in the commercials are attractive, but we can also agree that you don't look like them if you are eating at Hardee's. I don't think the majority of women really want to be viewing these such commercials. Don't we have something else we can use to sale our product then using women's looks? Our society these days...
I have such a busy week coming up.. I don't think I'm ready to face it...Ill keep you posted on if I'm still alive.
xoxo, God Bless


Friday already?

Where has this week gone? It feels like it went by in a blink of an eye. Or to me it feels like it has! I'm going to do list the run down of my kind of hectic week! Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!

As you know it was Superbowl Sunday. And as I like to refer to it as, Beyonce's concert! YoungLife had the most amazing time indulging in the cheesy and sweet treats! I may or may not have predicted the power outage...strange. You can ask Bailey! I loved the halftime performance & I'm so glad the rumors of Destiny's Child were confirmed! I'm also glad that the Ravens got the win!
[The Girlies & The Evil Sophie]
[Bailey getting her hair pulled by Emmie]

[Baby Emmie and Me]

[Girlies! Even Em! Notice that face]

Jen and Bailey introduced me to Firehouse Subs. IT WAS AMAZING. They have the drink machine just like Moe's does! It was so good! You have got to try it if you have never had it! Its not all that expensive but more than it would cost you to eat at a fast food joint. Overall Monday was a good day because I got a 3 hour nap in before that..but it caught up with me later that night.. no fun :(

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Of course I made Kendrick watch it with Emma and I! So intense. I am addicted to this show...almost as much as Dance Moms. I love to hate Abby Lee Miller. She is so dang mean to those little girls who are only 8-10 years old. And the mothers!!!! CRAZY! You haven't seen either one of these shows you can find season one of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and ABCFamily. You can catch Dance Moms on Lifetime! You'll see what Abby is really like!

FIRST YL CLUB OF THE NEW YEAR! Holy moly what great fun! Julia and I got together after school to make, and fail at, sugar cookies with butter cream icing and blue icing 'YL' on them. We also made chocolate cupcakes with white icing and blue icing 'YL'! Everyone loved them! There were none to take home! What can I say... people love food. We played a really fun game called Guess Who I am? Basically, everyone has a post it note stuck to their back and they have to ask each other yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are! I was Justin Timberlake :) Then after singing some country songs & 1 amazing new worship song together we sat down for Jen to talk to us! This is my favorite part of club, when a leader gets up in front of all of us and sort of testimonies to us and shares scripture with us. Its such an amazing thing to mix all the fun of being with your friends and all the joy that the Lord brings us! If you're in high school and you haven't experienced a YL club please contact me on my facebook page or via twitter!

Lately after school I have been taking advantage of Sun Tan City's Free Tan Week! My dermatologist told me to go to help with my current skin condition. And it has! Then when I got home I took the time to do some yoga! And then the girls of the fam + Cecile went to workout! It was great to finish off the day with Vampire Diaries! Another show that I recommend that is on Netflix and airs on the CW.

Long long lonnnnggg day of class. Yuck. Hopefully the Generals will try to stand up against Trinity tonight! I cannot wait to watch some basketball after the day Ive had!

Also! My cousin Janet is selling Initials Jewelry! Check her website out! You wont be sorry! Anyways.. I think that's all for this week! Hopefully Ill have a pretty chill weekend!

God Bless, Xoxo


snow snow snow

Hello friends! As you may or may not know we have been having lots of snow in this part of the nation. I am trying to make the most of it. Its getting harder seeing pictures of our future vacation spot. Also, I have been reminiscing on summer and how tan I was yet again. Not hard to do when you're stuck in a 12 degree climate. Its crazy to think that Tuesday it was sunny, 70, and I wore shorts. I would say this is what you call "typical Kentucky weather".

Today Bailey, Bailey and myself decided to go sledding with the boys up at the school but in our spare time we built our very first snowman ever!

[berry eyes, twizler mouth, Hersey kiss buttons, carrot nose, & steelers hat]
How cute is that? Its not very big but we love it!
If you know me personally you know that I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather/ snow but I toughed up today. Threw on 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie, Patagonia, and a huge jacket all equipped with some borrowed snow boots and a north face hat and I was ready to be brave and try and enjoy myself.
[me and da girlies on the way to sledding]

I also provided a photo that I snapped during the time I spent with Emmie on Thursday! No edits to it I swear ;)
[the princess in her natural habitat]

Last night before hanging out with B&B, the fam went out to finally celebrate Dad's birthday but no pictures were taken on this occasion except one and this picture can describe how everyone was feeling based on the amount of waiting we had to do at Longhorns.
[Emma being shielded by the buzzer & large amount of flash]
Other than hanging out with Kendrick today, tonight has been pretty relaxed. I'm on my second cup of coffee (iced of course) while catching up with some friends that I haven't seen or talked to in months. Ive accomplished completing all of my homework so that I can enjoy the YL Superbowl party tomorrow! I'm sure you cant wait to see that!
Xoxo, God Bless