do the taco shake

Thursday the girls and I traveled to try a new place to eat! And boy was it good! I loved my fajita quesadilla! (I was a little pricey for what it is...just saying) But overall I really loved it! And so did everyone else...
[Bailey enjoying Emmies headband]

[Emmie had enough of her slipper shoes]

[All the girlies]

[super sad the carbonation was out of the soda machine]

[Emmie just eating some Sophie]

[Sophie enjoying herself some salsa]
So that was last night! You should have been there!
But Wednesday was crazy night for young life...If you dont know what the Harlem Shake is then you probably wont understand this next video...its our young life doing the harlem shake... Im on the right in the cape and hat...lol.
See it here
Im going to see Safe Haven with Kendrick tonight! Yay yay! Review to come later!
Have a great night!
Xoxo God Bless,

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