If you didn't watch the Grammy awards you missed out big time! With the return of my favorite and yours.....

Justin Timberlake
He will deserved that much space on this post. Him and Jay-Z killed it. Also, everyone looked absolutely amazing! Pink Lou Lou's girl Carrie Underwood especially! And her long lost cousin, Miranda Lambert! I love Miranda a lot for how amazing she seems and how outspoken she is! Blake Shelton is one lucky guy! I love how Miranda embraces her size and doesn't try to form her self to society. I read somewhere that she said something along the lines of "I'm my happiest when I'm at home in my size 8 jeans". AMEN GIRL! She is such an inspiration. I hate to see little girls growing up with distorted ideas of how they should look! I'm so glad they have someone like Demi Lovato to look up to! She is a true inspiration to me.
I cant make up my mind on whether or not I like Fun....they have some awesome music but I wasn't really impressed with their acceptance speech. I didn't like how that one band member did the random shout out to Jay-Z and Taylor. Weird. Also, when they were performing and they had the water, or rain, as I'm calling it. It reminded me of Taylor Swift. She did that uh... like 3 years ago? I just thought it wasn't very original but maybe I'm being really critical.
On another critical note... I think Hardee's commercials are becoming even more disgusting. I can hardly watch them without cringing. Its so gross. I think the majority of women can agree that, yes the women in the commercials are attractive, but we can also agree that you don't look like them if you are eating at Hardee's. I don't think the majority of women really want to be viewing these such commercials. Don't we have something else we can use to sale our product then using women's looks? Our society these days...
I have such a busy week coming up.. I don't think I'm ready to face it...Ill keep you posted on if I'm still alive.
xoxo, God Bless


  1. when i read the title i thought you went to your nana's, you know...your grammy's house hahaha what does that say about me?

    and amen to the hardee's commercial. i boycott them wholeheartedly. make me want to ralph

  2. JT was definitely so great!! I've never seen a Hardee's commerical. We don't have them near me so I guess that's why - bummer that they're so lousy!

    1. Be lucky you haven't! They are disturbing! Did you like Adele's dress?


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