[Isn't that the truth]

We all know that girls love Target. Always have. Always will. I cannot stand to set foot in The WalMart. I hate hate hate that place. It just gets under my skin. They may have some pretty good deals but I wont go there unless I have to. The last time I was there was 11 o'clock pm a couple months ago and I was looking for an iPhone 5 charger...of course they didnt have any. But anyways, Im addicted to Target and I have been for a long time.

Recently the Target that I go to is under going some renovations. They are finally adding fresh produce section. Maybe one day we will finally get a pharmacy. So...because of this there has been many great deals that have been going on. I mean really great!! Not just all the Valentine's Day candy 50% off. I got Sally Hansen nail strips or stickers, or whatever you want to call them for only $3.50. Now that still may sound like a lot to you but to someone who doesnt want to pay $20 for a manicure or even $7 for the strips/stickers...it was an awe moment. You can buy them from Target here and they are picked below. They come in many different patterns and they have even added french manicure looks as well as the gel strips.

[aren't those just beautiful]

Another fabulous thing I love is YOGA! or Yoda as Madea calls it...I love yoga for so many reasons. Its relaxing, it helps me sleep better and stay asleep better, and it also is fun and a great workout! You may or may not know that yoga has props. Now what in the world would you need props for? Isn't it just sitting and closing your eyes and saying 'ommmmm'. No silly, its way more than that. So I was in the market for a yoga mat but they are so expensive...well not really I just didnt want to pay $20 for a mat. And then you have to buy all the props...no bueno. So picture this...Im just cruising through Target, making my rounds...when all of a sudden...POP. I find this
[mat...strap...&...block! also a dvd with 2 led workouts]

At first I was like...no way this can't be just $30!! Oh but it was. Best $30 I have ever spent...okay maybe not the best...but pretty close to it. You can imagine my excitement.

Until next time fellow Target lovers
Xoxo God bless,

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