Friday already?

Where has this week gone? It feels like it went by in a blink of an eye. Or to me it feels like it has! I'm going to do list the run down of my kind of hectic week! Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!

As you know it was Superbowl Sunday. And as I like to refer to it as, Beyonce's concert! YoungLife had the most amazing time indulging in the cheesy and sweet treats! I may or may not have predicted the power outage...strange. You can ask Bailey! I loved the halftime performance & I'm so glad the rumors of Destiny's Child were confirmed! I'm also glad that the Ravens got the win!
[The Girlies & The Evil Sophie]
[Bailey getting her hair pulled by Emmie]

[Baby Emmie and Me]

[Girlies! Even Em! Notice that face]

Jen and Bailey introduced me to Firehouse Subs. IT WAS AMAZING. They have the drink machine just like Moe's does! It was so good! You have got to try it if you have never had it! Its not all that expensive but more than it would cost you to eat at a fast food joint. Overall Monday was a good day because I got a 3 hour nap in before that..but it caught up with me later that night.. no fun :(

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Of course I made Kendrick watch it with Emma and I! So intense. I am addicted to this show...almost as much as Dance Moms. I love to hate Abby Lee Miller. She is so dang mean to those little girls who are only 8-10 years old. And the mothers!!!! CRAZY! You haven't seen either one of these shows you can find season one of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and ABCFamily. You can catch Dance Moms on Lifetime! You'll see what Abby is really like!

FIRST YL CLUB OF THE NEW YEAR! Holy moly what great fun! Julia and I got together after school to make, and fail at, sugar cookies with butter cream icing and blue icing 'YL' on them. We also made chocolate cupcakes with white icing and blue icing 'YL'! Everyone loved them! There were none to take home! What can I say... people love food. We played a really fun game called Guess Who I am? Basically, everyone has a post it note stuck to their back and they have to ask each other yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are! I was Justin Timberlake :) Then after singing some country songs & 1 amazing new worship song together we sat down for Jen to talk to us! This is my favorite part of club, when a leader gets up in front of all of us and sort of testimonies to us and shares scripture with us. Its such an amazing thing to mix all the fun of being with your friends and all the joy that the Lord brings us! If you're in high school and you haven't experienced a YL club please contact me on my facebook page or via twitter!

Lately after school I have been taking advantage of Sun Tan City's Free Tan Week! My dermatologist told me to go to help with my current skin condition. And it has! Then when I got home I took the time to do some yoga! And then the girls of the fam + Cecile went to workout! It was great to finish off the day with Vampire Diaries! Another show that I recommend that is on Netflix and airs on the CW.

Long long lonnnnggg day of class. Yuck. Hopefully the Generals will try to stand up against Trinity tonight! I cannot wait to watch some basketball after the day Ive had!

Also! My cousin Janet is selling Initials Jewelry! Check her website out! You wont be sorry! Anyways.. I think that's all for this week! Hopefully Ill have a pretty chill weekend!

God Bless, Xoxo

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