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I decided that since I have a break in my day I should update you!

Guess who's returning to TV? You'll never guess this one. You might have seen her on some recent windows phone commercials... Give up? Hilary Duff. That's right. The Disney channel star is coming back. She will be on Fox's Raising Hope.

You might be just as shocked as I was when I heard that my beloved Jennifer Lawrence died her hair black. And I'm talking JET BLACK.

Poor little JLaw and her fall at the Oscars...now this. I like her better blonde to be honest.

Also...you'll never believe who used to think that marriage was required before you have kids.


Yup. The star herself recently admitted to Cosmo that she was upset when Kourtney had gotten pregnant with Mason.

That was sure surprising for me to hear.

Now for the best & the worst dressed at the Oscars!

I nominee: my favorite Jennifer Lawrence for BEST


I nominee: Kristen Stewart for the worst.
She's lifeless just like that dress was on her. I did considered in the fact that it took major guys to wear something like that while being on crutches...

Another bomb that happened over the weekend was Janet Jackson getting married. Whaaaat...

Happy Birthday to Jessica Biel! I'm so happy that her and Justin tied the knot...

Seems like it was yesterday when she was on 7th Heaven...


What have you been up to?

What's new in your life?

Leave responses please :)


  1. Oh my gosh...I didn't know any of this! Thanks for being my source of celebrity news! xoxo

  2. i heard JL died her hair for the hunger games she's about to tape - TREAT! and you know how i feel about kristen stewart...oh geesh. AND i was just going to tell you that hillary duff was on gossip girl and then i remembered that i'm watching it on netflix so she WAS on g.g. like 3 years ago...whoops. have a great day friend!



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