Wednesday filled of snow

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Im sorry about my absence...I've been busy with, ya know, life...but Im back now & cant wait to catch up on what has been happening in all my fave bloggers lives!
So the last time I wrote seems like forever ago...because it was!
So what has SBThoughts been up to?
Let's start with last weekend...
Friday was Nana's birthday dinner!! yum yum...may or may not have eaten too many wings!
Saturday Kendrick and I went out to lunch at Panera, double yum! And then I convinced him to take me to PetsMart, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill! Sounds like a day full of fun, and it was! I cannot believe that I found a Patagonia at Goodwill!!! For $5! Cant beat that!
Saturday night I got reunited with my long lost friend Alli!! Yay!! We spent the night with Bailey & Bailey just acting crazy as usual!! You know how girls do!
Sunday morning was accompanied by some delish donuts! Then I spent the rest of the day relaxing and cleaning like every Sunday!
Monday was an easy day...got myself to the gym & spent some time with Kendrick!
Tuesday was even more easy! Got some snow here...I thought we were in spring...but I guess not!
And that gets us to today! A morning filled with even more snow and leftover pizza!!
What have you been up to? Please let me know!
Dont forget to tell your friends to follow! It would be greatly appreciated :)
Xoxo, God bless

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