Hello all, yes it is I...SBT!
You may have been asking yourself where I have been...probably maybe not.
Again I have found myself in another busy week even though I have Friday off!
But life is slowly coming to a halt stop...
But don't worry about that, heres the recap
.:Wednesday the 6th:.
-Country vs. Country Club YL club-
.:Saturday the  9th:.
-Watched the lovely Julez show off her dancing abilities-
.:Sunday the 10th:.
-Origami Owl jewelry party-
check it out- its like Pandora in locket form
.:Wednesday the 13th:.
I watched the previous night's Pretty Little Liars...and holy A!!!
Who do you think Red Coat could be?
-Share your responses-
That's all I have...the best of the past week followed by some a lot of eating and watching Gossip Girl. Nothing going on tonight except hopefully a new episode of Modern Family & Ducky Dynasty.
So what have you all been up to? Please entertain me- it would be greatly appreciated.
xoxo, God Bless


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