I have a few questions that I will answer as well!
>Did Miley Cyrus really call off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth?<
I mean with a hair cut like  that I would too...I miss Hannah's Miley's beautiful, long, and brunette locks.. Anyone else feel this way?
But apparently the wedding is still on! Even though Miley has been partying it up without her fiance...maybe these are the 'problems' everyone is gossiping about.
To keep up with her latest drama go follow her on twitter...she has been complaining tweeting all about it.
>Does Tim McGraw really have a secret son?<
Yes, you read that correctly...
But its too good to be true. McGraw just helped raise the kid while he was dating the mother...this was before Faith came into the picture.
>Is Jennifer Lawrence nominated for 5 MTV Movie Awards?<
YES! This is 100% true! Im so excited! She looks so good! I just love her so much - as you know...
and last but not least...
>Is my favorite childhood TLC show coming to a end after 10 seasons?<
Sadly this is true...What Not to Wear is going off the air...and hopefully Stacy London will get rid of that ugly grey streak...This makes me sad...oh well - its about time!

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