valentines and babies

Its 1:14 in the morning and of course I cannot sleep because I am in Indiana visiting my lovely Aunts & my 6 week old cousins!

[double trouble finally asleep]

[Garrett says, "what chu looking at?"]

[little monkey snoozing]

[sweet Gabriella]

["I thought I said no more pictures Alex.."]
I absolutely love babies!! My new cousins are the sweetest. Ive gotten the opportunity to feed, cuddle, and even change some dirty diapers. Much worth the 4-5 hour drive today!

[road trip fun with sissy and my trusty pillow pet]

Emma was a little too much wrapped up in her iPad games! Oh well...we survived and got her safely!!

Yesterday I got to spend time with my valentine :) yay! we had so much fun!!
[mirror picture at its finest]
Aren't we so adorable? I'm boasting just a little bit! And I may or may not have eaten all the chocolates gave me..okay...I totally have.

Since I haven't blogged since Sunday about the Grammys...

Monday: I worked out with Mom & Emma!! And then ate some sushi and went to bed early! I was quite tired!
Tuesday: Went to Jens after school with Bailey do catch up on our weekly bible study to John 4&5! I recommend that you read it! Then I made my first ever trip to Anthropologie and then went to Target to get Kendrick some Valentines day goodies! Then Kendrick and I went to watch Lafayette kill HC at home! Then we came home to check on Nerlens Noel...poor ACL. Hopefully he wont go on the the NBA and he'll come back for another season. And I made Kendrick watch Pretty Little Liars again! I still don't think he is going to get in to it...I don't blame him. Its so confusing and Ive seen every single episode.
Wednesday: I made cookies and brought lemonade for Love Club!!!! YAY YOUNGLIFE!! Such great fun with some great friends!!
Thursday: We already covered this above :) Happy Valentines Day!
Friday: Eye doctor so I'm finally not blind anymore! Thank you Simpson optical!! Then later we were ready for road trip fun! We hit some snow/sleet on our way here but nothing too too bad! Only 2 stops on the way made for a smooth trip as well! I cant wait to see what the rest of the weekend has in store for me!
God Bless, Xoxo! Goodnight lovelies :)

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