for the love of babies part II.

Well...I just couldnt seem to find the time yesterday to post what I wanted to say about my weekend.

After going to the doctor and getting two shots, one in each leg... I made a really bad decision. I went to the gym... Now I bet youre asking...who goes to the gym after getting shots? This girl apparently does. I asked my doctor and his nurses if I would be okay to go and they reassured me that I would be. I def wanted to go to the gym after according to my height, weight, and age I have found myself at the top of the chart & borderline overweight. I was stunned...oh well. Im working on letting that go...but really what girl wants to hear that kind of news?

Later in the evening I went to McAllisters with my girlies!! Yum Yum. Then of course we had to stop by graeters!! If you have never had it you are missing out! Then Kendrick picked me up and we spent our night watching the Kardashians. I know, yuck. I just cant seem to get away from them.

I also did a lot of good scripture reading last night and I would love to share those verses with you!

Anyways... Im super excited to get my hair/eyebrows done tonight! It is much needed! Pictures to come.

xoxo, God Bless

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