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Good Afternoon!
Congrats on making it this far in your day!
If you feel like me then you probably looks something like this...
[I am ready for a nap]
 Okay so maybe Im not a cat...but a girl can dream cant she?
Sometimes we all struggle with making it through the day without realizing how much time is passing us by. Sometimes I feel guilty because I cant seem to get the most important things done in each day that I want to. Something I love to do is read God's word, aka the Bible.
Of course I don't know what religion you belong to or claim to belong to...or if you grew up Jewish and now you are Christian or what...but I do know that the Bible has a lot of good stories and wisdom that sometimes I find it hard to seek. With the help of some good friends lately I have been able to dive deeper into it then I ever have before. Its amazing how much it can relate to our daily lives. Even if you dont believe in God or dont agree with some of what the Bible says I still encourage you to not
a) stop reading this post
b) stop researching and learning about God
c) not reach out to find someone who is more than willing to talk to you about it
This verses arent in the chronological order of the books in the Bible just for reference. I am not going to post the verse in its entirety- I am just going to post the book the chapter and the verse number and the main idea of what it is about. The reading part is something you have to decide to do on your own!
2 Corinthians 5: 21 -- Sin
1 Samuel 16:7 -- Body image/ Self worth
1 Peter 3:3-4 -- Body image/ Self worth
Jeremiah 29:13 -- Seeking the Lord
Romans 5:8 -- Sinning
All of Proverbs is fantastic but Ive been recently reading books 1-10
That's all the verses I am going to post for this week! I hope you take the time out of your day to read these! They are fantastic!
More about what Bible I read:
I read the New International Version on both my phone and in hardback!
If you have a smartphone you should download the YouVersion Bible! Its amazing! You can highlight, bookmark, and write notes! It also features the verse of the day! There are many different plans (devotionals) that you can do to help you understand what you are reading or something that you are struggling with. I 100% think you will love it!
If you have any questions on anything I have written in this post (or any other post) please comment or contact me via email; ansayre1025@gmail.com!
Have a great rest of your afternoon!

Xoxo, God Bless

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