It's in the air

Summer is in the air and I can taste it....

I just want to capture it and never let it go! Summer may happen to be my favorite season of all. One of my favorite things about summer is the clothes or lack there of that I get to sport around.

I can wear my flip flops all the time. I now have excuses for neon toenail polish that I love ohsomuch. Shorts tank tops. The whole nine yards! The only con that I can think of is having to keep your legs shaved at all times...I slack on that a little too much...

Another plus about summer is all the bright colors, not just florals, that every store has going on!! I have a hard time finding a right clutch or bag to carry around just the bare necessities from pool to house to pool. But of course- on my champagne taste and lack of money I'm left just dreaming of one of these.

Aren't they to die for...you can find them here


Thanks to one of my fave people Jen... I'm totally addicted. But of course I cannot be..

Are you ready for summer!?!?

Xoxo, Alex



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