dog park, demolition, & dance moms

The title sums it up in a nut shell for all you lovelies!

DANCEMOMS on Lifetime:

I may or may not be live blogging the season finale of Dance Moms! If you haven't watched it...I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It's absolutely trash tv at its finest but like my other reality shows I cannot stay away!! Anybody else out there like me? Totally email me your reviews! I've been a lot better about my emailing. It's such a tool that I never thought that I would ever use.


While I was at the Masters, which you can read about here, my father and sister who stayed behind decided that the thing they should do is take down are crumbling brick mailbox. They did not completely take down the entire mailbox so tonight- despite the fact that I've been sick- wanted to take down the rest. So with the help of my neighbor I have almost finished it but I had to stop loading bricks in the back of the explorer because of the rain. Boooooo.

I wish I had pictures to document all of it for you guys. Double boooooo.


Our baby Reese visited the vet this past weekend and they determined that she is 20 lbs overweight- weighing in at a whopping 95 lbs. She's a chocolate lab so she's already a big dog. And her being purebred has something to do with it too. We drove 5 hours 7 years ago to get her but that's a different story...

So with this information, I took it into my hands to take her the dog park that is 2 minutes away from my house to make her get some exercise since for some reason she won't retrieve a dang tennis ball in our own backyard. Maybe she just likes an audience. Of course I was freaking out the whole time we were there. What if she runs away. What if she gets in a fight with another dog. Stuff along those lines... She was a perfect little puppy the whole time we were there until she got tired. We would throw the ball and then she would just sit there almost like she was about to have an asthma attack or something.

I really hope she doesn't act this way when we travel to the minor league baseball field with her for doggie night. I thought this would be great opportunity for her!! We will see how it goes. It's obvious I'm a cat lady at heart but I do love this dog. I wish she had a friend to play with but no...

So...what did you do tonight? I would love to have a conversation with you.


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  1. did you tape the season finale of DM's? I thought I did but then it was just a mother's day special and I can't find them airing it again? what the what?!


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