bloggers rut

im kind of in a bloggers rut, you could say...


i sit here trying to think of the best possible thing to blog about but i end up coming up with these super cheesy things that in reality no one would even want to read about..

i mean i dont even want to read them once i post them. its kind of embarrassing to be honest.

i read all these people i follow's posts and im like wow....these are really amazing mine seem like such crap compared to these. maybe its because i havent been doing it as long as they have...or i dont make the time for it like they do...maybe its just because im not a newlywed mommie with the cutest baby ever that lives in such an extravagant place and has unlimited funds to wear only the cutest clothes ever. maybe i just lead a really boring life. its not boring while im living it, i actually have a lot of fun being me, but i feel as if no one will think of it the way i do.


i do completely normal things but i always feel as if i have 1000 billion things going on..


if any of my fellow bloggers have been thru this....please share come wisdom with me






  1. Hi Alex! New follower here :)Jjust wanted to introduce myself. Hope you'll drop by my blog and read about my new advantures as a SAHM to my 6mo. baby girl and living organically on a budget! :)

    All the best,

    Christina @ The McGuire Family


  2. I bet 98% of bloggers feel like that but some of my favorite blogs are about regular people being regular, people who don't have the fanciest things or do the craziest stuff but that are just really awesome people who are just trying to be the best jesus followers or momma's or crafters or whatever they can be. I like those people. and you!


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