Confessional Friday [link up]

I am joining Leslie over on A Blonde Ambition for a Confessional Friday Link-Up. She does this every Friday and basically it gives bloggers a chance to connect with each other by confessing five things that have happened throughout the week. It can be funny, sad, interesting, etc. 
Here goes:

Five things I Confess:
1. I confess that may or may not have really enjoyed myself and spending time with my dog at Bark in the Park it was alot more interesting than I thought it would be! Make sure you read up on that!

2. I confess that I really enjoyed driving the explorer last night. I drive a little car and big cars usually make me have an anxiety attack and want to throw up but for some reason last night was actually kind of relaxing. 

3. I confess that sometimes it does bother me that none of my close friends don't read my blog but in the end I always tell myself that they are not the reason I began blogging in the first place. Blogging is amazing because you get to make it up as you go along. That's what's so amazing. You don't have to write for anyone but yourself. But there's always that little bit that every blogger feels that it feels good to know people are enjoying what I am writing. 

4. I confess that I am so ready for summer to be here. I cannot stand it any longer. I sit day by day counting them down till freedom! There's nothing I enjoy more than summer. I can go to the lake and the pool and where ever I want. 

5. I confess that everyone on blogger is so adorable. Everyone has the cutest clothes and blogs and lives and OMG I just love it. There's nothing better than creeping on all these blogs. So if I follow you. I'm sorry. I know Im annoying and I just want to comment on everything. And you all inspire me so much. I love figuring out who's who and who's friends with who. It's so amazing. 

Hope you're having a great day!! 


  1. I love this post. So cute! And a great idea...
    Happy blogging!

  2. These are great confessions :-) I too used to be so anxious when driving large cars. Now I'm back to a small car and I love to steal my husband's bigger SUV to drive when I can! So weird :-)



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