no more monkeys jumping on the bed

At this point in my life I have fully convinced myself that I dont have an immune system. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous but c'mon...all the signs are pointing to yes.

We've discussed way back a long time ago about how I have psoriasis...if you want you can catch up here. But I recently got blood work done because I just hadn't been feeling like myself. Something no one wants to deal with. Sickness on sickness on sickness. Yay........
Sorry if this grosses you out...but my sisters comment makes this enjoyable.

So, this happens and then Im told you have to wait till tomorrow to figure out whats wrong with you....next day comes and the doctor says "No more monkeys jumping on the bed"...no he really just said you have walking pneumonia...and Im all like what the heck does this even mean...

Of course I did what any normal human would do... I webMd'd [yes this is a verb] it.

Inhaled food? Like what? okay....
I keep reading and reading and I get to this...
Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, and of course my ear hurts and I have a rash on the same places I have some lingering psoriasis.

Typical me....Sometimes I feel like I have so many health issues going on so I just sleep...and thats usually what I do!

What do you have going on?

xoxo, Alex

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