Skin care, pancakes, birthdays & American Idol!

Now I bet you're wondering what skin care, pancakes, birthdays, and American Idol all have in common. Those were my highs and lows of yesterday's events. 

Over the weekend, after struggling from recovering from my second round of strep throat in a month I started noticing dry patches of red irritated skin on my face and then later on my whole body. I just blew it off thinking to myself that it was my normal dry skin that the winter brings on me. 

[my face covered by psoriasis]

My doctor went on to tell me that it wouldn't go away for about a month & she couldn't promise that it would go away completely. GREAT! This is just another thing on my list of health related issues!

In an effort to give my grandma a great birthday the family and I traveled to Chevy Chase to introduced my grandparents and Emma to Josie's! If you've never had it, you're missing out! Everything I've gotten there is good! And good looking too! I ordered their Sweet & Meat. This consists of 3 pancakes anyway you like with a choice of meat for a side.

[pancakes smothered in whipped cream& strawberries]

Doesn't that just look delicious?

All the females have been introduced to the new charm bracelet company called Pandora. I'm guessing you've heard of it and probably even own one. The purpose of pandora is to collect meaningful charms that signify who you are. So grandma had received one for Christmas, now the appropriate thing to do would be fill with charms. You can buy one here!

[we got her the wildflower charm]

Isn't it adorable?!

If you're not aware American Idol has yet another panel of new judges. They now have Veteran Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and my favorite.....Keith Urban! Eric this ones for you buddy!!!!!

Mainly what I wanted to talk about with this because on last night's episode of auditions there was a lot of talent present! One guy especially stood out, not because of looks, but because of his amazing voice. I was, along with the rest of my fam was SHOCKED to say the least. Make sure to check it out!!

[Adam Saunders, American Idol Audition]
It wasn't the craziest day I have had in a while but there was a lot going on. Today I'm going to my lovely YL leader, Jen's house (she has a great blog check it out!) to finish up reading John 1&2! Hopefully her little bean, Emmie, will be awake and ready to show off her jumperoo skills! Shes about to start crawling. Its crazy to think that shes already 6 mo. old! It seems like yesterday Jen was 8 mo. pregnant at camp. Emmie loves to take selfies so I have included my favorite one of hers below.
[Notice the duck face]

Then Kendrick is taking me out to dinner! What a lovely treat! Then hopefully we will travel to see Lafayette take on Catholic. Praying that the Generals will come away with the win! And of course, I have to finish my night of with the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. (Totally TeamStelena)
Anyways.. what are you doing tonight?
Xoxo, God Bless

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