Bark in the park

Tonight my Pop, sister and decided that we were going to take our 7 year overweight chocolate labrador to "Bark in the Park" night at the local minor league baseball field. Here's what I managed to capture of the night...
[baby reese]

[reese learning to take selfies]

[reese says this front camera has horrible quality]

[reese says 'do you think I could snag a bit of that hamburger?']
[or maybe she will just go for the chicken strips and fries] and she did...

[selfies again...]

[their reactions to her stealing a chicken strip]

The highlight of our night would have to be the undercover cop busting a almost "21" year old for drinking. The young man presented his only form of identification being a library card....really.....that's the best you got? The cop of course made him step aside and throw away his beer. "Lucky" for him it was thirsty Thursday at the park so he had gotten all previous beers for $1. Sucks bro. But the law is the law. What company is it that says "please drink responsibly"?

Anyways...I am beyond ready for Friday to get here...I think it's going to soon for me because this NyQuil cold and allergy medicine is kicking in...

Goodnight lovelies,




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