why i blog [link up]

Why did I start blogging?
Well..I started blogging for me. for something to do. but blogging has turned into such a greater thing in my life. i got the opportunity to see in people i would i have never met lives and see how they live. its very rewarding laughing/reading what they are posting. its crazy to see how many of us ladies are extremely relateable. i hope that this will be something that i continue to do for many years to come.
Why do I keep doing it?
why wouldnt i? its amazing. its a sense of relaxation to my hectic life. even if you dont get joy reading my posts, i get joy from reading others. thats why i will continue to do so. 

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  1. Blogging started as just something to do for me too and as a journal. But now, it's the being part of a community that I love!


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