peter cotton-tail

Happy Monday lovelies!
I may or may not be sitting on the couch snacking on all my Easter basket goodies that good ole Peter Cotton-tail brought me!

[these go down very nicely]

Dont those look delicious? They sure are.
So on another note I have been on some what of a health kick- but this break isnt helping me at all! But despite this I have cut down on the amount of processed/ fast food/ unhealthy foods the majority of the time. Its a lot easier than you think it is once you get started! Ive started to do the major grocery shopping in my house to make sure I get everything I need. Ive also stopped drinking soda, but to keep up with my carbonated habit- my love addiction for Sparkling Ice hasnt decreased in the slightest. If you havent had some, you must. and while youre at it buy yourself some white pimento cheese. Sounds kind of risky- but all worth it.
In cat lady fashion Ive also taken up knitting & sewing again...I swear theres an old lady trapped in my body thats trying to get out...
^-Here are some pictures to describe me- ^
Hope these brightened up your day just as much they did mine!
Happy Monday friends!

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