Day 21// The Meaning

Day 21: The Meaning of Home
Home is where your heart is. I have never heard a saying that is more true. There's nothing I love more than the comfort that being at my own house brings me. I love spending time with my friends but I prefer to do so at my house. I don't have anything against going to other peoples' homes but I just feel safe when I am home. Maybe I am crazy. Hopefully there are some people out there that share the same feeling as I. I love being home. You can control the temperature of your home, the types of food you bring in your home, and you can sleep with all the fuzzy blankets you want. Another big part of why I love being home is because of my two cats and sometimes my dog. They are so comforting and sometimes tend to harass me. They don't mean to constantly be in my way, but they are. The biggest reason I love my home is because of my bed. There's nothing like sleeping in the middle of your own bed. You can stretch out as much as you want/need to!

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