Blog Everyday In Feb: Day 7

Day 7: A Public Encouragement

This post is going to be lifestyle & fitness related so if that scares you- GOOD! I want to encourage you to make a change in your life. Even if it is a small change. A little change is better than no change at all.

As some of you may know that last August I was at a really low point in my physical, emotional and mental health. I had gained about 30 some odd lbs and was not feeling too hot about myself. Yes, beauty does NOT come from the outside but wanting to feel good about yourself and help restore confidence can come from working hard and achieving a goal. My goal that I made on August 10th, 2013 was to go from 177 lbs and 145 lbs. I am currently anywhere from 147-150. It just depends on the day and how much diet coke I have had. I am at the happiest point that I have ever remember being at. I hardly go to the gym... but when I do, I do as much as I can. My schedule just sometimes doesn't permit me to do so. I have learned that the gym isn't everything. The way you eat and what you are putting in your body truly is what you are going to get out of it. I went from eating 2 pieces of pizza everyday for lunch to eating a lot of fruits and a sandwich. A simple health change. Something to be proud of. 

Don't get me wrong. I love them gym. That's why I am using this time to encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and go. Even once a week will make you feel a lot better. Just walk on the treadmill. Lift a couple weights. It doesn't have to be 2 hours on the elliptical. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures that are motivation filled to help you get started. (All of these images were found on Google images)

and my favorite...

Love Always,

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