19 of February

Day 19: Little Known Facts 

As I am writing this post I am sitting on my parents bed and I can't help but have a small amount of writer's block. I want my posts to leave lasting impressions in my reader's minds but I haven't found one particular subject lately that is something exciting. I have been half staring at the computer screen, half watching the new episode of pretty little liars. I am too invested in this darn show. I am over here all emotional. 

I really like watching kind of lame sitcoms. I watch Melissa & Joey, Reba, and The Middle more than I should. Emma is my partner in crime when it comes to these shows. No surprise there, right? When I watch these shows I cannot help but to relate to some of the characters. On Melissa & Joey I tend to see myself a lot like Lennox. She's witty and dresses cute. Maybe I would like to think I am as funny as her. Reba is one of my favorites. I have not a clue why. Maybe Reba's fiery attitude is what keeps me coming back to watch. I think by now I have seen every episode at least 5 times. I feel like my grandma with NCIS. When it comes to The Middle I think I can be a mixture of all of the characters except at different times. You have got to watch these shows. I know I make so many recommendations but I am serious on all of them! You should take my word for it. 

A second little known fact about me is that I spend hours a week aimlessly roaming around Target. I hardly ever buy anything. You should probably know that Target hardly ever changes. They only get so much new merchandise every week and I promise you I have seen it all. I like to walk around dreaming of all the things that I could have in a future house. I like being imaginative like that. It's kind of an escape. 

I believe that it's important that everyone has their one thing that is a go to for an escape. This idea of "little peaceful moments" came to me while I was about to die in the shower last week when I was sick. I was just laying in the shower thinking about all the great things that are taking place around me. At that moment I couldn't have felt anymore relaxed. It was a glimpse into what true bliss those kind of escapes can bring you. I like to do yoga a lot. It regenerates my body in a way that makes me feel amazing. This is another thing that can bring you one of those blissful moments. I'm hoping that all of you readers has an escape from the reality that we are all living in!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!
Love Always,

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