Blog Everyday In Feb: Day 9

Day 9: A Day in The Life
 A typical day as me? Hmmm...

Let's see...
Each day is not the same as the day before. We all know this basic fact. Friday night here we had the boat show that Emma and I went to. Not something we had planned on doing but I feel as if both of us were happy we made the last minute decision to do so. We had not seen our good friends the Stokley's for a while and any opportunity we have to do so we love to snatch it up! We spent almost every waking moment with each other last summer so I think we all could be diagnosed with separation anxiety or something like that. Before we went of course I made Emma take a picture of me. You always have to document what you are wearing, right?

Self pic in the snowy backyard! 

Once we got down to the boat show, Jack decided that he and Emma were hungry. We decided to brace the cold and grab some pizza from a local place called West Coast Pizza. Typically I had to capture some pictures!

Surprised Emma (she's going to kill me for this)
Stokley's youngest employee- Jack

Once we finished off our pizza we headed back to the boat show. See the funny thing about it is that we actually didn't spend much of our time looking at boats but more time admiring the indoor petting zoo.


I really wanted to ride one of the ponies but I was just a smidge past the weight limit!

Cute little candid picture of Jack & I. Emma didn't want to be in the picture.
Here's to a crazy, full life!!

Love Always,

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