Blog Everyday in Feb: Day 10

Day 10: What Are You Learning This Season

I have learned a lot this winter. Some big things about myself and about a lot of people in my life. I think I read about it somewhere and they called it growing up...hmm weird.

I am going to take this opportunity in this post to talk about something little that I have learned. I know I mention Emma a lot in all of my posts but that's because she's one of my bestest friends and I love her more than she will ever know. Emma has taught me a lot. Big things and small things. This is a small thing. Emma loves to bake. I wish I would have acquired this skill that she has inherited from my grandmother but unfortunately I didn't. Over the holidays Emma challenged herself into learning how to bake an apple pie.

Recipe that she found on an app on her iPad!

Ingredients all pictured above! Those apples look so good!

All the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl!
Apples after pealed and cored! 
Apples mixed with all the yummy goodness!
Emma and I could not get our old food processor up and running to make our own pie crust so store bought was the route we had to go on this one! 
Before the top pie crust was added!
Pie in the oven!
Final product! Wish you could see a picture of my smiling tummy after eating!
I really recommend you trying out this recipe! It was amazing! Emma is such a great baker. I swear that she should open up her own place when she gets older. If you ever need anything sweet- Emma is your go to girl! This pie did not take long at all to make and prepare!! Such an easy thing to do for anyone! And remember that I am not bias in the slightest :)

Love Always,

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  1. Emma just rocks all around. I'd buy her pies for sure! And "Emma's" is the perfect name for a bakery.


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