Blog Everyday in Feb: Day 11

Happy Tuesday friends! Hope you are having a great day (or night depending on what time of day you are reading this). 

Day 11: A Story of Traveling

This past summer our family had the opportunity to revisit North Myrtle Beach. We could not have been more excited to put our toes in the water and butts in the sand! There's nothing like soaking up sun that makes you feel 100% better. Everyone looks good with a little bit of a tan. 

We loaded up the minivan and took off. A trip that should have taken 9.5- 10 hours took about 12. Don't ask me why- I have no idea. Seems like no matter where I am going it takes forever to get there. I think I must have a traveling curse or something. 

We had a whole car full of people and luggage. We even had to put some of our luggage on top of the minivan. Hey. I can't help it that I have to bring my whole closet with me. What if I get there and I don't have something that I needed? That would just about be the end of the world- wouldn't it? ;) 

Finally we made it to the condo after our lovely GPS rerouted us about 1000 times. I hate her stupid voice. *Rerouting* *Make right turn in 800 feet* *Make a U-turn* NO LADY. I know where we are going now. Please shut up. 

Anyways. Vacations are always well worth the traveling. Or at least I believe so.

Here's a few snapshots from the trip! Enjoy!

L-R Mckayla, Myself, and Emma
View from the pool
Putt Putt!!
Back of my shirt! Thought this was so cool!!
Sis & I
Pool day!
Face in the hole!
Strawberry daiquiris by the pool with Emma!
Another dinner picture! Nana is awesome
Love Always,

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