Blog Everyday in Feb// Days 13 & 14!

Hello Friends! 
I have been slacking big time on the blog everyday in February- probably because I have been rather sickly lately. I went to the doctor on Thursday and learned that somehow I have strep throat. I thought getting your tonsils taken out would cure this but apparently not. Since I am now recovering after a long weekend of working despite my illness I thought that I should catch up.

Day 13: A Favorite Quote

Another tricky thing. I don't think that I have a particular favorite quote. There are a lot of quotes that I like a lot and some that I even love but none that stick out in my mind as I am reading this prompt. While browsing the Internet the other day I stumbled upon this picture and I couldn't help but think about how true this really is. 

A lot of people I know- myself included- have been the ladies in the third row. I feel as if it is important that you take chances and take every opportunity that is brought to you. There is nothing wrong with being the ladies in the front row. Live your life on edge people! I would much rather be them than anyone else!

Day 14: Happy Valentine's Day

Again to reiterate, I was sickly on Valentine's Day so there are no pretty pictures of me all dolled up out to dinner or anything. The boyfriend and I along with my parents got take out and watched Runner Runner.

If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it! Justin Timberlake is in it so you most definitely will want to check it out! It is an action movie so it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie.

Here are some cute Valentinesy things that I have found.
Cute babies!

Boyfriend on Valentine's day!

Dad surprised us with these on Thursday night!

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