Blog Everyday in February// Day 15

Day 15: A Big Dream

This isn't necessarily a dream per say but more of a goal I had. 

Some of my readers may or may not know that over the last year I have struggled with controlling my weight and feeling comfortable in my own skin. You are only given one body, which means that you should probably treat it to your best possible ability. After quitting the competitive sport of swimming in October of 2012 until August 2013 I had gained about 30 lbs. That may not seem like a lot but it did not sit well on my frame. I didn't only take a tole on me physically but more mentally and emotionally. I became not very much fun to be around because of my lack self love.When I was swimming I had never had to worry about what I was eating or how much of it I was eating of it. I never thought about calories, points, carbs, sugars- nope- notta once! In August it had finally hit me that I need to start learning how to eat healthy and that I might actually have to step on a treadmill every now and then. I had been in denial too long with myself. I had repeatedly told myself that I hadn't gained any weight. I obviously had because my clothes were no long fitting any longer. 

A picture to sum it all up:
I found it here on the lovely Allie's blog!
As of right now I have lost about 30 lbs and I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Making a lifestyle change like such isn't the easiest thing in the world to do but it is more than worth it! To me it isn't about the physical aspects as much as it is mental and emotional. 

Attribution to weight loss: Weight Watchers

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