Blog Everyday in Feb: Day 12

Day 12: What's In Your Bag?

This is my purse! After months and months of eyeing it in the local Target, I finally got it as a Christmas present! So thankful that I did because I am absolutely in love with this purse!! (You can find it here with many other colors- perfect for spring)

I keep so many things in here because of the vast amount of space it offers me!

Things In Some Blonde's Thoughts Purse:
* Motrin
 * Lipgloss
* Lipstick
* Hair ties
* Agenda
* Cough Drops
* Bandaids &
* Waffle House coupons

Yes. You read that right. It does say Waffle House coupons. Hey. You never know when you are going to be going to Waffle House so it's better to always be prepared. 

Love Always,

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