lent not lint

Today marks the beginning of Lent. I am actually not Catholic but this year I have decided that I want to partake in Lent. Maybe I just need a reason for giving up mainly diet coke but I am almost positive that all soda will follow suit.

I believe that a lot of people like my friend Bailey (see below) tend to get lint and Lent confused.

One just happens to be something that is commonly found in belly buttons and on your clothes and the other is according to Bing is:

the period before Easter in Christian calendar: the period of 40 weekdays before Easter observed in some Christian churches as a period of prayer, penance, fasting, and self-denial.

Why would we get these confused? I thought that the following two pictures were appropriate.


While finding the above two I stumbled upon these somewhat funny pictures.
 (the kind of funny that is only funny when you are extremely tired and bored)

Who doesn't love a good grumpy cat?

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