The Fourth of March

March 4th, 2014:

Hello readers! How are you all? Hopefully you are better than I am. As I am writing this post I am suffering from a horrible stomach ache due to the fact that I ate Mcalister's for dinner. I knew when I made the decision to eat there tonight that Mcalister's chronically makes me sick. Just this time it was a lot worse than all the others. It kind of makes me feel like this...

On a brighter note things in life have been sweet. Between the lazy snow days & going shopping with Grandma things are awesome.

My dear Nana's birthday was on the 27th of February so naturally we documented dinner with the family at Malone's.

Love my Nana
My Padre!
My Madre!
Emma was feeling ill and did not want to be photographed. 

Also this week the Boy's basketball team has been competing in districts. The section theme was neon so most appropriately I purchased a neon headband from the children's section of Target. I cannot seem to find the headband on their website. Bailey's is also from Target.

Love my sweet friends!!

On the way to the game I saw this sweet car. Not everyday that you are driving behind a Maserati. 

Saturday night I had the opportunity to indulge in a really delicious dinner at Merrick Inn with Kendrick and his family for his Mother's birthday! 

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