do you ever just...

Do you ever just...Go on an instagram following streak?

Yesterday I got on my must recent one. I just couldn't stop...I think  that's what you call an addiction. I started off just following fellow bloggers and women who post cute stuff. And then I moved on to the interior design part of instagram. It was like a whole new beautiful world that I just discovered for the first time. And then somehow I ended up on cats. If you know me I am completely and utterly obsessed with these four legged creatures. I'm pretty sure they are obsessed with me too because on multiple occasions they have found me when I'm in random spots; i.e. shopping on vacation, when I took my senior pictures (find those here) and I have had them just show up in my back yard. If it were up to me I would constantly live my life like so..

Gotta love me and all my parks & rec references. I promise you they will never end.

Do you ever just...Read an article about this new healthy idea and then think it will change your whole life?

WELL, I cant exactly pinpoint where I read the article but needless to say it gave reasons why you should drink water infused with fresh sliced lemons.
<Guess here what I've been drinking a whole lot of lately>

Yup. Lemon water. When I first read the article I was like oh heck no I am not about to be making what is commonly known in my family as "a poor girl's lemonade"...or at least that is what my Nana calls it. This is when you are so cheap that instead of actually ordering lemonade when you go out to a restaurant you order a water, add a lot of lemons and some sugar and then you have made your own lemonade. I always thought this might be the weirdest part about my Nana.

Potential Benefits of Lemon Water:
1. Clears up your skin
2. Helps boost your metabolism- a girl's best friend!
3. Cleaner teeth

I hope I'm not making these up...I'm sure there are some downfalls to drinking lemon water but I will just ignore those for now. Maybe eventually I'll end up drinking my Starbucks green tea. Oh well it's going to be worth the try.

Drink your lemon water people!!!!

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  1. I've heard a lot of great things about drinking lemon water. I'm definitely trying to fit it into my diet more often!


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