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As I sit here with boxes flooded throughout my room & the rest of my house I cannot help but look back on some of the lessons I've learned while living in my childhood home. It for sure took a while to realize what the Lord was trying to teach me from these moments but it all is starting to make sense to me now. God is kind of awesome that way. He always is preparing us for something else. Usually something greater than we had in mind for ourselves. Thank you Lord for everything you have done and removed from my life that was only there to harm me.

"It's the small things in life." A phrase that is pretty familiar. I'm sure everyone has heard it at least once. If not you've probably seen it on countless refrigerator magnets or on a Pinterest board or something like that. Basically it seems super cliche and kind of ridiculous. As it could be all of those things, it can be so much more. 

Your life is made up of all these small moments and memories that combine themselves together to make up one big life. The small moments are something like going out to dinner with your family & laughing until your stomach hurts. It could even be a night you helped a friend by staying up into late in the night because they felt so alone. The moments like these are the ones that really count. It may not seem at all that way when they are happening but when your older these are the times you are going to remember the most.

When you live for the smalls things it can help you love others much more easily. You can love others like God has called us to. This is a love that comes from genuine heart. If you wanna get all technical and what not the word LOVE is used 215 times in the Old Testament & 319 times in the New Testament in the NIV translation of the Bible. So it would be safe to say that this is something that he's pretty passionate about. 

1 John 4:19- "We love because He first loved us."

1 Corinthians 13:13-  "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of all of these is love." Also this is a great credit monologue on The Office but here y'all go, its actually scripture. 

We have nothing if we do not have love. Love people greatly and see what happens. You will probably be surprised. Love them by listening, not talking, to what they have to say. People will open up with you if you let them. Everyone needs someone they can trust judgment free. You can be that person for someone. This could be your small thing. 

A love so powerful. A love so unconditional. Thank you Lord for loving us and giving us the small things. We are so far undeserving. You are faithful. 

As Always,

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