Life lately

As usual life is always a little hectic. When you make a 24 hour trip to Indianapolis for the weekend it seems to just add to the crazy! What was I doing in Indianapolis? Oh you know just casually going to a Pacers game with the whole Raceway Region of YoungLife! If you don't follow me on Instagram here's what you missed:

This is what happens when you stick me on the court with 1200 high school students

Running on 6 hours of sleep after traveling results in this!

Me & Bay enjoying the game

 I'm very blessed to be able just to take the weekend and go hangout with some of the most awesome people!! There's nothing like YoungLife! It has truly changed my life but that's a post for another day! 


  1. Looks like it was a fun and amazing trip for sure!!

  2. Sounds fun, sometimes whirlwind trips are just really exciting! :)


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